The Caucus Foundation Alumni Network (CFAN) is a subsidiary of The Caucus Foundation. Founded in 2008 and first chaired by former awardee Jen McGowan, CFAN is an exclusive group of award-winning filmmakers previously recognized by The Caucus Foundation. The mission of CFAN is to support the success of its members by fostering relationships, furthering education and increasing opportunities in their film, television and multimedia careers.

For the past 40 years, The Caucus For Producers, Writers, and Directors has provided its members a forum for discussion and debate. Composed of the best and brightest creative talents in Hollywood, The Caucus has become the creative conscience of the entertainment industry and works with the brightest stars from the world of film and television to promote diversity in Hollywood in terms of both content and personnel behind the camera.

The Foundation works toward this goal by helping to launch the professional careers of student filmmakers (television, film and interactive) from groups currently underrepresented in the industry. The foundation provides women and minority students with a range of services, including grants that defray the costs of completing their student (undergraduate and graduate) thesis films, “in­ kind” contributions for these projects, and intensive mentoring services by industry professionals who are also Caucus Foundation members.

Since 2001, The Caucus Foundation has provided more than $1.7 million in awards to 164 students for completion of their student thesis films, videos, and interactive projects. The Caucus Foundation also provides intensive mentoring to CFAN grantees as they make the critical transition from school to the entertainment industry. In the 1980s, Caucus members produced more than 80 percent of primetime programming and CFAN members now enjoy their advice, supervision, and support.

All projects completed with Foundation funding have been featured at film festivals and a remarkable 75 percent of grantee respondents currently work in the entertainment industry.


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